Information Technology
IIIT- Allahabad has been ranked 11th by India Today Best Engineering Colleges (2017) ranking.
IIIT-A was ranked 11th in QS world ranking 2016
IIIT-A finished FIRST among Indian Universities in ACM ICPC World Finals,2016.
IIIT-A secured FIRST position at ACM ICPC Online Round, 2015.
The Codebreakers team secured 8th rank at ACM ICPC Onsite Regionals ,Kanpur conducted by IIT Kanpur.
IIIT-A is among the very few Indian Colleges to send team to ACM ICPC world finals multiple times.
First Prize TNSD segment in Eureka 2015 Asia Largest Business Model Competition organised by IIT Bombay.
First ever Gold Level Opera Campus Crew Member from India (one of the six throughout the World) and presently holds the exclusive position of Opera Campus Crew Coordinator for India at Opera Software.
Award of the "Best Student Branch" awarded to IIIT Allahabad for the year 2014 by IEEE-UP Section
IIIT-A ranked 19th in 2016 India Today Survey.
IIIT-Allahabad is FIRST on SPOJ in list of colleges all over the world.
A student was the SECOND Indian to be awarded TopCoder's coder of the month title (coder of the month of August,2009).
Seven students are awarded the DAAD Scholarship for the summer of 2010.
A team from IIITA won BIZCOMP 2009 organised by SJCE college of Mysore, Step incubation centre and DST (GOI).
Every year, plenty of students are selected for GSOC.
Electronics Engineering
Successfully designed variable resolution ADC chip using 500nm CMOS technology.
Human Robot Interaction using Gesture based communication.
A Perspective View on Cross Layer Design for Wireless Sensor Network.
Methods for Localization in Ultra Wideband WSNs.
Reliability analysis of High-k dielectrics.
A semiconductor fabrication laboratory in the area of Microelectronics and VLSI Technology has led to various researches.
Development of gunshot detection Algorithm.
Development of digging detection Algorithm.
Development of tree cutting Algorithm.
Development of moving vehicle detection Algorithm.
Development of pugmark detection Algorithm.
Localization of Acoustic signals.
Large area sensor network development.
Fiber optic system development for intrusion detection.
Development of virtual fence in forest.